About the studio

And what we do…

“We invent creative ways to solve business problems.”

    An animation, VFX  and design studio in Nigeria, Eaxum was founded to change the African narrative through pixels. We invent creative ways to solve business problems for our clients.

    In the digital world we live in today, content is king and is central to connecting people in every industry from Education to Business and Entertainment. However certain content only remains relevant within a given region or demography and so we set out to fill this void in Africa.

    Besides producing original content for TV and the web, we also service clients looking to drive sales with animated videos as well as helping companies maintain/increase consumer loyalty by providing bespoke content that reinforce their brand values.

    Fully-equipped to offer a wide range of animated, creative solutions to various industries (From beautiful art and design, through to story and animation), we operate at the edge of the constantly shifting technology to always produce the best work we can on a given budget.

The company we keep


What we do.

Pre Production


VFX supervision

GUI design


Visual development


Color script


Voiceovers/Voice acting

CG Asset creation

Virtual Reality

Props/weapons fabrication


Post Production

Digital Crowd Simulation
Color grading
Sound Design/Score

The Coven

In the early days, our first studio had no windows and so much heat. As a joke, someone then started calling it the ‘Coven’ (from Oven) and it stuck.

We’ve changed physical location a few times since then, but not necessarily the moniker. We felt it was a good one.