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We’ve made significant progress on the production of our film. After several iterations of the animatic, we have now completed the 3D previz and about rounding up pre-production.

Character designs






On the tooling side, we achieved an interesting milestone:

We have always used the open source Kitsu for tracking our productions, extending its functionality through Nagato, a task and version control add-on that works directly within Blender. 

Over time however as we worked with partner studios in setting up similar pipelines, the need to make Nagato work with other DCCs became increasingly necessary and so we started developing a desktop version. Here’s a demo with Sketchbook Pro files…

Functionally, it mostly mirrors the blender version but some features are hard-coded at the moment. Our next milestone is to expose some of the internal settings to the user so studios can have a much more modular configuration to suit their pipelines.